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Noncommunicating hydrocephalus is typically caused by a block in this structure resulting from atresia before birth in babies, or from blockage by a brain tumor at any age. What structure is blocked?

Contributor: Meaghan
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D.Purdy commented on the question Yaw (frambesia) is a contagious disease largely limited to tropical regions that is caused by::
Treponema pallidum, subspecies pertenue
Annaliese commented on the question A 64 year-old man is brought to the emergency unit for severe chest pain that has been going on f...:
Ever hear of commas?
Annaliese commented on the question On physical examination a 90 year old woman is found to have both hepatosplenomegaly and a leukoe...:
Ever hear of commas?
Andre R. commented on the question A 36-year-old man is brought to the emergency department in respiratory arrest. On examination, h...:
Usually patients who are intoxicated on opioids will have myosis (pinpoint pupils) but will actually have mydriasis (dilated pupils) when they are ...
Rafael Brito commented on the question What percentage of parotid tumors are benign?:
"Of parotid masses, 75% are neoplastic; the remaining 25% are nonneoplastic infiltrative processes, such as cysts and inflammation. Of parotid...
Annaliese created a question: A four day old male neonate presents to you with lethargy,episodic hypertonia, episodic hypotonia...
Annaliese commented on the question A three-year-old female was brought to Emergency in December because of vomiting and diarrhea. He...:
This child is not tachycardic.
Annaliese commented on the question Hodgkin's disease is characterized by which type of cell?:
Thomas Hodgkin.*
Annaliese commented on the question A patient presents with flu-like symptoms in the middle of the summer. They had initially ignored...:
I'm sorry, but this is too easy.
Annaliese commented on the question A 6 year old female presents to you with trouble moving eyes, double vision, facial drooping, sud...:
DIPG is an acronym for Diffuse Intrensic Pontine Glioma. It makes up about 10-20% of all pediatric brain tumors.

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