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Hypotension is usually defined as systolic blood pressure less than:

Topics: cardiology
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NickMitrou commented on the question The most common female genital malignancy is carcinoma of::
Cervix cancer would be the most common if we did not screen for it
NickMitrou commented on the question A 37 year old G2P2 female presents to your office with dysfunctional uterine bleeding. She descr...:
It would really depend on whether the woman wanted concomitant contraception as well though, in which case a POP would be the best. NSAID and trane...
Michael Silva commented on the question Mr. Mindingmyownbusiness presents in the ER after engaging in a barfight. He has a swollen black ...:
Agreed with above. Most likely fracture in blowout is "inferior wall"/orbital floor/maxillary.
dr.Dugii created a question: Which of the following vertebrae are found in the neck?
Kieran Johnson commented on the question Which of the following is most likely to be a complication of myocardial infarction?:
The chordae tendineae, which are attached to the papillary muscles of the left ventricle can get torn away from the ventricular wall during and MI,...
Michael Silva commented on the question In the film "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," agent Ethan Hunt "snaps an enemy's neck." At wh...:
this question is not funny
Daniel Friedman created a question: You are seeing a 15 year old girl with a 1-day history of sore throat. She has no associated coug...
Daniel Friedman created a question: You are the family phyisican of a 52-year-old poorly controlled type 1 diabetic female who presen...
Kyle Sue created a question: During a medical school interview, an applicant is asked, “Why did you go to medical school?” Mat...
StephenTheMedStudent commented on the question A 24-month-old girl is brought to the clinic by her mother for a routine visit. The mother tells ...:
The answer to this question is patently false. Please understand that there are males who have Rett's! Please please consult more than one referenc...

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