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ritik commented on the question 50 year old woman with myxedema/a large symmetrical goiter that feels rubbery, the most likely di...:
most common cause of hypothyroidism.occurs in aged women(45-55)
ritik commented on the question Hypernatremia (serum sodium greater than 155 mEq/L) is most likely to occur in::
Addison's disease and SIADH leads to Na+ excretion causing hyponatremia while in Cushing's sydrome there is accumulation of Na+ leading to increase...
ritik commented on the question Which of the following types of thyroid cancer can be treated with radioactive iodine ablation (R...:
Only anaplastic ca.of thyroid doesn't respond to RIA.
ritik commented on the question What type of thyroid neoplasms are characterized by Orphan Annie nuclear inclusions?:
Orphan annie nucleus and psamoma body two important characteristics feature of pct.
ritik commented on the question Which of the following is not a steroid hormone?:
Oxytocin is a nona peptide... so it's a protein not steroid...
ritik commented on the question All of the following findings are consistent with primary aldosteronism (Conn's Syndrome) EXCEPT::
Well sodium plus water retention leads to edema... Now the question arises is whether it is pitting or non pitting?? Pit can't be formed when there...
ritik commented on the question Stein Leventhal syndrome (polycystic ovary syndrome) is characterized by amenorrhea/hirsutism/obe...:
Basic pathology of pcod is excessive androgen production and increased peripheral aromatism leading to increase production of estrogen which has po...
ritik commented on the question What are the most common and dangerous forms of thyroid cancer, respectively?:
Well do not agree with the answer... anaplastic carcinoma of thyroid have the worst prognosis while papilary carcinoma of thyroid has the best prog...
ritik commented on the question A patient in their teens presents with deep, rapid breathing, a flushed face, fruity breath, fati...:
Rapid breathing(kussamaul breathing) fruity odour(acetone in breath)...Nausea,vomiting n stomach pain(resembles rupture viscera or acute pancreatit...
ritik commented on the question A 60-year old male patient is sent to the emergency department in a semi-comatose state. His bloo...:
Patient is in a semi-coma state with prior history of type 1 diabetic melitus with fruity odour from mouth and increased heart rate,decreased bp wi...

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